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Step Digital Business Model

1. Brand Story

2. Brand Identity

3. User Journey

4. Web & App Design

5. Social Strategy

6. Ad Campaigns

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It all starts with reaching your audience. Create the most effective messaging for websites and social media through the art of Storytelling. Marketing succeeds when it is easy for brain to digest the value of our products or services. Story formulas use the ancient power of a story make sense of it all.


The brand is the single most important thing to a business or organization. Your brand is the carefully established platform that your company abides by. Your brand position will determine your competitiveness and customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction). Your strategy, goals, and tactics will be built to support and strengthen your brand. Let’s establish your logo, color theory, typography, brand strategies, and aesthetic.


You are in charge of curating your user’s experience. Let’s step into your customers shoes to address their needs and pain points. Uncover gaps in the user journey for the smoothest experience. Map strategies to help users find your website and social media pages, and strategies to get email and media subscribers.


Think of your website as a brick and mortar store that is available 24/7. It is your opportunity to sell your product or service. Customers care about their experience: the aesthetics, the value, your credibility. 90% of consumers check a company’s website before making a purchase  – this is your time to show off!


Social media campaigns are now vital for businesses – it shows that your business is active and customer centric. This service  enhances the three previous services simultaneously; it increases brand awareness, drives traffic to your website, and provides a platform to give customer service before and after sales.


You brand is solid. Your website is impressive and accessible. Your message is impactful.

It’s time to share our value with our target market. We can yell at the top of our lungs. Let’s ensure people know your brand exists and where they can support.

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